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WG Promotions is an entertainment and promotions company founded in May 2000 by young business professionals from Grenada. We strive to bring you popular artiste both locally and from around the region, while ensuring the delivery of top quality events as well as a successful outcome. We also assist other promotion companies with hosting their artiste and catering to their needs. This includes and can range from bookings, travel, ground transportation and stage management. We recently added a “give back” component to our portfolio, where proceeds from our major events are donated to a charitable organization.

Remember, at WG Promotions We Take Fun Seriously!!

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Uncorked 2017 Beer & Wine Festival

WG Promotions will be hosting the 2nd Annual Uncorked Beer & Wine Festival on Sunday April 30, 2017 from 4PM at Quarantine Point. The festival will showcase a range of products, and is also the only event catered towards the exposure, sale and presentation of wines by our local agents and distributors. The event provides a unique opportunity to purchase and sample wines, and to also learn tips relating to wine pairing, storage, selection and tasting. It also brings recognition to the agents and suppliers of products that you the public may not have known were within their portfolio. Apart from wines, the event will feature breweries, beer importers and distributors, restaurants, pastry shops, grilling, chocolate, cheese, cold cuts, specialty shops and more. This year, our vendor count has increased which indicates great support and interest in this event.


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